For children


Located on the leisure base of Léry-Poses, the zoo is composed of a huge tropical greenhouse of 5000m² and an animal park of 10 hectares for the biggest happiness of the adults and the children.


An exceptional adventure in Normandy to live with your family or friends. Discover 120 species from 5 continents from 5 continents in a preserved setting.

The park of Clères

"In the heart of an English-style park, nestled in a small Norman valley, discover the Parc de Clères. It is a parkfounded by a Franco-American ornithologist, Jean Delacour, in 1919. You can discover cranes, flamingos, geese, antelopes, gibbons and red pandas in this setting conducive to walking and relaxation. In the center of the zoo, overlooking the lake and the alleys, a Renaissance castle, enlarged in the Neo-Gothic style, gives the site the charm of a historical the charm of a historical heritage.

The Garden of Plants

Located at 2km from the house, it is the meeting place for parents but also for running fans and plant lovers!

Castle of Robert the Devil

"The Castle of Robert the Devil is one of the most important monuments of the Rouen Metropolis. 20 minutes from downtown Rouen, in the town of Moulineaux, come and discover this mythical Norman fortress.
 Its wooded setting, its unobstructed view of the Seine valley, allows you to appreciate a visit or a stroll in an environment that is soothing and characteristic of the Rouen area.
Unique in more than one way, its location on a former stronghold of medieval Normandy and the legend surrounding the cruel Robert the Devil plunges you into a world of tales and myths to be discovered during our guided walks.

Local leisure centres and amusement parks

Do you want to swim, try water skiing or electric surfing, or let your children jump in huge inflatable structures?
You're spoilt for choice!