Cultural visits


A true museum-city, as you stroll through the cobbled streets of Rouen, you will come across nuggets at every turn. In the city of a hundred steeples, you will marvel at the impressive Notre-Dame cathedral or the Saint-Ouen abbey church.
By visiting the Gros-Horloge from the inside, you will travel in time, at the HistorialJoan of Arc, you will relive the incredible destiny of this heroine of the Middle Ages, burned alive on the Place du Vieux-At the Maison Sublime, under the courtyard of the Palais de Justice, you will visit the oldest Jewish monument in France. At the Musée des Beaux-Arts, you will (re)discover the incredible impressionist collection (Monet, Sisley, Renoir...)
and at the Sainte-Catherine panorama, you will end your day on the most beautiful point of view of the city to observe a sunset.

The castle of Martainville

More than a museum, the castle of Martainville is a residence of the end of the 15th century which stands on the territory of the French commune of Martainville-Épreville.

L’abbaye de Jumièges

Jumièges Abbey is one of the oldest and most important Benedictine monasteries in Normandy.
Its white towers, which rise to almost 50 meters at the bottom of a loop of the Seine, always create surprise and admiration for the visitor.
Its destruction, in the XIXth century, earned it the name of "most beautiful ruin of France" and the image of an open-air site strongly marked of romanticism.

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Don't miss any of the cultural events in the region!
Among all the venues, we can mention thethe Rouen Zenith, the Rouen Opera, the Théâtre à l'Ouest or even
Le Rive Gauche.

Major events

Viva City

Each year, 70 companies perform throughout the city and offer some 300 performances to the100,000 spectators who always come.

The 34th edition of Viva Cité will take place on June 23, 24 and 25, 2023.


The largest sailing ships in the world will meet in the port of Rouen. 
The Armada 2023 will take place in Rouen from June 8 to 18, 2023.

The Cathedral in light

Every summer, the Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral is highlighted with a spectacular sound and light show.Every evening, you can admire the sound and light show of Illuminations de la Cathédrale de Rouen.